Monday, August 29, 2022

Final event (July 221)



Refugee camp of Schistos

The completion of the Teachers4Europe (4 Refugees) program took place in July 2021. A group of women and teenagers who participated at the T4E courses  prepared a series of presentations on the basic  the history of women's rights in the West world and presented them to their community, in an open outdoor event in the forecourt of the Schisto camp

Monday, July 12, 2021

Τhe Walls of Kindness

 A European citizen is an active citizen.

With some of the women of the program but also with others from the community, 
we decided to make   some "Walls of kindness"  in various parts of the camp. 
It is a widespread idea in Greece and very often you will find such walls in greek schools. 
It is not a greek idea but it has started, some years ago in Iran by an unknown Iranian. 
Together, we cleaned, nailed, painted, the walls and educated the community on the proper
 use of it.  The idea of ​​these walls is to educate in the principles 
of solidarity and ecological consciousness. Instead of throwing away what we do not need, 
we leave it on the wall so that  someone else whom need it more, can pick it up.

Take a look at our "WALLS OF KINDNESS".